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  • How to Download and Install Office Applications
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Important Notice for Chromebook Users

You can not install Office on a Chromebook from our portal. Only Windows or Mac computers are supported.

Downloading Office 365 on personal computers requires Student Account / Staff Account. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click on the given link
  2. Click on Student Email and Office 365 Apps. 


      3. It will bring you to this page. Enter your EasyLogin Credentials there. 


4. It will open Outlook 365 for  you. Click on square dots on your far left hand side. 


5. Click on Office 365.


6. Click on Install Office. 

7. From the drop down menu, you can either choose Office 365 apps or see Other Install Options.

8. An Installer will then download, run the installer and sign in with your Student Email account when prompted.

Common Issues

Issue: Office is giving an error while activating or says product is not correct.

Solution: Completely Uninstall Office from your computer and follow the steps above.