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  • How to Install Pulse Secure
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To connect to NHTI Resources such as Banner, file shares and application servers you will need to connect to our Network through VPN.

To access VPN you must complete the necessary VPN forms and currently have a CCSNH managed laptop.

Step-by-step Guide

Installing Pulse Secure (VPN Application)

Once you've been approved for VPN you may install Pulse Secure application


You may only install Applications through Software Center while connected to NHTI's Internal Network or while on VPN

  1. On your Windows 10 Computer double click the "Software Center" icon on your desktop
  2. Once loaded open the "Applications" Tab 
  3. Navigate to the Pulse Secure Application
  4. Click the "Install" Button and wait for the status of "Installed"
  5. Once Installed reboot your computer.

Configuring Pulse Secure (VPN Application)

  1. Open Pulse Secure
  2. Hit the "+" button
  3. Input the following information and hit "Add"
    1. Server URL:
  4. Once Added hit Connect.
  5. It will prompt you for your credentials your username will be system\<username> (Username would be the username you use to signin to your computer)
  6. Once credentials are accepted you will be connected to the CCSNH Network.