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  • Adjusting Focused Inbox emails Outlook 2019/365 and Web
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Outlook 2019/365 (similar but minor differences).

  1. Open Outlook and find the email that is stuck in the “other folder”'

  1. Right click on the message and go down to select “Always move to Focused”
  2. This will force all messages selected in the “Other” section to the Focused inbox

If you wish to turn off Focus inbox, click on “view” tab and unselect “Show Focused Inbox”. This is a personal preference.

For Outlook 365 (web) at

  1. Click on the “Other” folder
  2. Click on the message you wish to move, click on “move to” and then select “Always move to Focused Inbox”

If you wish to turn off Focused Inbox on web, click on the gear icon and switch focused inbox to off.