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  • A guide to Software Center
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Software Center is an application NHTI uses to manage and deploy software and updates on Campus. User's may review their catalog and install any software they have access to if they require it. Seeing a software in Software Center does not guarantee your machine meets the hardware requirements of the Software.

How to access Software Center:

On your desktop you will see an Icon of a blue building with a CD in front of it. This is Software Center.


To utilize Software Center you must be connected to NHTI's Internal admin network or connected to VPN. If you are not connected to the correct network you will not see all available applications in the menu items.

Installing Applications:

Under the "Applications" Tab you will see a catalog of software that you are authorized to install. If you see any software you would like simply click the picture and hit Install.

Install Issues?

If a software fails to install try closing all open applications as some applications will halt the install. If this does not work reboot your computer and try again without opening any other applications

Installing Updates:

Updates get sent out on a schedule that is determined by Technology Services. Some updates may be deployed out of schedule depending on severity. Most updates have a deadline of two weeks, meaning you will have two weeks to manually install the updates at a time that does not affect your work flow. After two weeks it will force an Update which may prompt a computer restart.

Restart Prompt:

Setting Active Hours:

Some updates will be delayed until your inactive hours. To set your active hours open Software Center, Hit Options and enter your active hours under Work information.