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  • How to access WiFi on the NHTI Campus
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This article explains which wireless networks are available on the NHTI Campus, which to use, and how to access them.

The WiFi networks available on the NHTI Campus are as follows:

CCSNHThis is the primary WiFi network that all Faculty, Staff, and Students should use for WiFi access. This is a secure network that can only be accessed with use of an CCSNH EasyLogin account. Please see detailed instructions below on how to access this network.

CCSNH-Guest - Guests to the campus, those without EasyLogin accounts, or those with devices that do not work on the CCSNH network (such Roku, Fire Stick, PlayStation, or devices that do not support 802.1X) should use the CCSNH-Guest network. This access is granted through a portal and lasts for 1 day at a time. Please see below for detailed instructions.

NHTI Res Halls - This is the WiFi network provided in the areas of and around the Residence Halls on the NHTI Campus. Residents should be using this network. No additional instructions are needed to access this network.

To connect to the "CCSNH" Wifi network:

  • On Apple devices: 
    • Enter your EasyLogin name and password in the fields and click Connect. You may get a prompt to trust the credentials. Once you click accept, you will connect to the CCSNH Wi-Fi.
  • On Android: 
    • Make sure PEAP is selected as the EAP method (usually default)
    • Phase 2 authentication should be set to "MSCHAPV2"
    • CA certificate should be set as "Use system certificates" 
    • Enter your EasyLogin name under "identity" and enter your password into the password field
    • Click the "Online certificate status" option and select "Don't validate"
    • Click Connect

  • Faculty on CCSNH supplied laptop:
    • Select the CCSNH Wifi and then click on "Connect" and then "Connect" again
    • Then click on the box "Use windows credentials"
  • For Students Connecting to the CCSNH:
    • Students will use their EasyLogin and their 14 character password

To connect to the CCSNH-Guest network:

When attempting to connect to the CCSNH-Guest network, you will be prompted with a link to sign in through a web portal, where you will have two options:

  • Guest Self-Registration 
    • Click this option to register your name and email address to gain access to the network for 1 day
  • Device Registration Page
    • Click this option if you wish to register a device, such as Roku, Fire Stick or other device that will not work on the primary CCSNH network.
    • Enter your EasyLogin account name and password and click Log In
    • Complete the required fields for the device you wish to register:
      • Enter MAC Address of the device
      • Name the device (Roku, Playstation, etc)
      • Leave the checkbox for AirGroup unchecked/disabled
      • Add any notes and accept the Terms of Use and then click Create
      • After registering your device, you may need to disconnect and reconnect the device to gain access
      • You can also click "Manage Devices" to view, edit, or remove any registered devices you have. 


If you require assistance with this process, please contact the NHTI IT Helpdesk at or 603-230-4063.