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  • How to install Microsoft 365 applications to your personal device
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Step One: Login to the NTHI portal ( using your easy login and password.

Step Two: Verify your multi-factor authentication to sign into the portal.

Note: Your prompt may be different based on the method of authentication you chose

Step Three: Click on the Office 365 app in your dashboard.

Note: It may have you login again or prompt you to remain signed in. You may choose to remain logged in or not.

Step Four: In the top right corner of your Office 365 dashboard, there is a dropdown that says "Install Office" Click the dropdown arrow.

Step Five: Click the Office 365 apps in the dropdown and it will automatically start downloading the "officesetup.exe". This will be located in your downloads or on your downloads bar.

Step Six: If you are using Chrome, the officeapps.exe will show on your downloads bar. Click the drop arrow and select "Open" to begin your download.

Step Seven: Follow the instruction prompt to begin downloading your Microsoft office applications. After installation, to activate the schools license for these products. Simply login when you open one of the applications using your easy login. Example: and enter your password.

Note: If you are a staff member trying to download these apps on an NHTI laptop, you will need administrative credentials. You can follow these steps to get the .exe file but you will need to visit the helpdesk.

Call, Email or Walk-in

NHTI Helpdesk located in Sweeney Hall office #103

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