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  • How to sign into Adobe using your CCSNH Email
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Signing into Adobe Products using your CCSNH Enterprise ID.


This guide is for CCSNH Faculty and Staff using CCSNH equipment only . This method will not work in other configurations.

Activating Adobe

You must have an Adobe Product installed to complete this guide. To review your approved Adobe Products please open Software Center and Install any products that you are interested in.

Step 1:

On first run of an Adobe Product you will receive a "Sign In Required" prompt. Click the "Sign in Now Button".

Step 2:

A login prompt will then appear. Click the "Sign in with Enterprise ID" link

Step 3:

Then put your email in the "Email or Domain name" field and then press tab or enter

If you get a prompt asking you to choose "Adobe ID" or "Enterprise ID" choose the "Enterprise ID"

Step 4:

The CCSNH easylogin menu will then appear. Enter your easylogin credentials and hit sign in.

Step 5:

You may see a loading screen for a few moments but it will then confirm your computer has been licensed and it will prompt you to continue. Hit continue and your Adobe product will then open.