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How to take a screenshot on a Computer.

Using Window's Print Screen Function

Step 1:

Open the Windows you would like to take a picture of and hit "Print Screen on your keyboard" (Marked with red)

Note: If your the Print Screen keys are a different color or it's below other text you will need to hold the Function button while pressing the print screen button (Marked with Blue)

Step 2:

Open an image editing software or email client and hit CTRL + V to paste the Image into the Software.

Using Window's Snipping Tool

Step 1:

Open the Snipping Tool and hit "New"

Step 2:

Your computer will then have this white tint to it's screen. At that point drag a box around the part of the screen you would like to capture

Step 3:

A window will then appear that gives you the option to copy, email and save the picture. There are also tools built in to edit the picture.