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To access some NHTI Labs remotely you may be asked to use LabStats. Only Approved students and faculty members are able to use this service.

Step 1:

Go to (highly advise using chrome)

Step 2:

Click on the appropriate lab and click on one of the available machines in that lab.


If a machine has a user logged on, it will not show up on the web page.

Step 3:

After clicking connect, click on the download button and open (run) the download at the bottom left of the page. You will probably see an unknown publisher RDP warning in yellow, just tick the box to the left to not see again and click connect.

Step 4:

A logon prompt will come up where you need to enter: conc\USERNAME or students\USERNAME and associated PASSWORD.

Step 5:

You will then be logged in directly to the desktop in that lab and can run / test all appropriate applications for that lab