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  • How to use Papercut at NHTI
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Step 1: Log into papercut using your student easy login. Note: Setting the remember time is important if you're doing multiple print jobs as papercut will log you out.

(Faculty only): Use your departments login credentials. 


Step 2: Once logged in a box will pop up with your current balance. You are ready to print!

Step 3: Open your file explorer and locate your document. If you have the document open, select the print option.

Step 4: Right click on the document and click print. This will automatically choose the printer closest to you based on where you are logged in on campus.

Example: The picture below shows you that I can print to \\printcontrol\L112 and only that location.

Additionally: You can check your print history by clicking the details under your balance.

Additional Step: Use your student easy login on the papercut sign in page.

This will show you details on your printing history. To add funds to your account, please visit the bursars office.

If you having trouble printing or receiving an error message. Please contact us at the helpdesk or submit a ticket by email.

Thank you.

Office # 603-230-4063