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Getting Zoom Pro

All CCSNH faculty, staff and students have access to a Zoom pro licensed account. 

To receive your licensed account please log into Zoom with your CCSNH credentials by following the instructions below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Enter your CCSNH credentials (username only, not full email)

Prevent Zoom Bombing

We know that sometimes, uninvited individuals hack into our Zoom meetings. A resource is available with nine simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

Zoom Recordings and the Law                                      

If you are planning to record your Zoom event/meeting be aware of the laws governing the recording of audio in the state of New Hampshire. In order to legally record the audio of a conversation, meeting or class in the state of New Hampshire, you need the consent of each of the participants.

At this time, the recommended approach for the recording of Zoom sessions is as follows:

  • The Zoom host (the person creating the Zoom meeting) should inform participants that the Zoom session will be recorded.
  • Included in the Zoom invitation along with the Zoom meeting information that the session will be recorded.
  • The following should also be included in the information, "If you have concerns or questions about being recorded should contact the Zoom session host prior to the event.”
  • When you schedule the session in Zoom, be sure to check the "Mute participants upon entry" option. With this option enabled, all participants will join the meeting with their microphones muted. This will ensure that no one is recorded unless it is their intention to be recorded.
  • At the beginning of the Zoom session, the Zoom host needs to inform the participants that the session will be recorded.
  • The Zoom host should again inform participates, after the recording has started, that the session is being recorded and participants can avoid being recorded by keeping their microphone on mute.
  • If this is stated at the beginning of the recording, the recording will include these statements for the record.
  • Participants who desire not to be recorded must keep their microphone on mute for the duration of the session. If they need to communicate with the Zoom host or other participants, they must use the chat feature. If they unmute their microphone, then they are consenting to be recorded.

Additional Resources for Learning to Use Zoom

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