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  • How to access WiFi on the NHTI Campus

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  • On Apple devices: 
    • Enter your EasyLogin name and password in the fields and click Connect. You may get a prompt to trust the credentials. Once you click accept, you will connect to the CCSNH Wi-Fi.
  • On Android: 
    • Make sure PEAP is selected as the EAP method (usually default)
    • Phase 2 authentication should be set to "MSCHAPV2"
    • CA certificate should be set as "Use system certificates" 
    • Enter your EasyLogin name under "identity" and enter your password into the password field
    • Click the "CA Online certificate status" option and select "Don't validate"
    • Click Connect

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  • Faculty on CCSNH supplied laptop:
    • Select the CCSNH Wifi and then click on "Connect" and then "Connect" again
    • Then click on the box "Use windows credentials"
  • For Students Connecting to the CCSNH:
    • Students will use their EasyLogin and their 14 character password